Our values to each other

Respect. One thing most of us have. Respect.

We all should be equal to each other. We should not be rude or impolite or discourteous to each other due to disabilities, them being a different race to yourself or even silly reasons like on social media they have more followers than you, they get more activity than you or even they get more likes than you. Maybe you are just upset and want to take it out on other people….Hang on, I think I am talking about bullying there….. Whatever the reason, that should not happen. As I said, we should all be equal to each other even if they are different to you.

‘Treat other people how you wish to be treated’

‘Put yourself in their shoes’

Someone else’s success is not your failure.

In the new Girl Online, Girl Online GOING SOLO, you will know all about this blog post without even reading it but I personally think that Leah Brown’s advice is actually really good. When I first read it, I thought to myself all about those times that that has happened to me.

By  that, I mean feeling down about yourself because you either spent ages making or doing something e.g. D&T, English or a piece of special homework, and then someone else apparently spends less time on it than you did, and gets a better grade. Annoying eh….

So if you haven’t read Girl online GOING SOLO, go read it, it is amazing. The main piece of advice that I took away when I finished reading it was that “someone else’s success is not your failure, someone is laying a path down which you can follow, if you want, but not building a wall that you can’t climb.”