Back to school

Hello, how are you, this is our first official healthy eating post. We thought we’d start our themes off with something related to back to school. Making packed lunches.

So making packed lunches is sometimes hard because you just want to throw in a couple of chocolate bars. However, those chocolate bars add up every day. So try an substitute them some days to help you have a healthier diet. Find a fruit or vegetable that you like ( it can be hard) and pretend that it’s a chocolate bar.

Now on to sandwich fillers, I know that we like to just splodge on some nutella. But that’s definitely not the healthiest option to put on there. Try and get low fat butter and some protien like ham, chicken or turkey to put in your sandwich. Which you can probably get from your local shop!

Now finally crisps the dreaded bit to switch out/over. Do you always have crisps with your lunch? Crisps are okay for you but not the best. So try and switch them out for some like; lightly salted tortilla chips or even popcorn. Both are healthier for you than pringles or walkers.

Will you try any of these tips?


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