DIY-Back to school

It should look like this!

Hey guys, and welcome back! Sadly this is the last day of back to school themed week, but we are going to end it with an amazing diy!

This diy is an amazing diy that really helps to organize your school work, and at the same time is cute and fun to make!

Before we go any further this diy is a whiteboard calendar! I have done this diy myself and i cannot tell you how much i love it!! Anyway lets get started.

For this diy you will need:

A whiteboard ( A large one )

Thin washy tape ( As many colours as you want )


whiteboard pens ( As many colours as you want )

So, the first thing you do is get your thin washy tape and put it around your board in a calendar shape. Make sure you check what month it is, so that you can get the right amount of lines in the table/calendar!

The next thing you have to do is get your whiteboard pens and write the dates in (example, 1-31) You could also have a notes section, a month and date section, and somewhere to just put Calendar.

This diy is perfect to help organise your homework and to put important dates on. This diy can help everyone and you can customize it your liking!

I hope you liked this diy and this will be related to photo #5

Thank you for reading!



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