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Hey guys, its Gabby!

For today’s random post I am going to be uploading the last two weeks DIY videos! I am really sorry for not uploading them, I have had so much homework recently and have broken my toe and all that jazz!! However, i’ve got your back, so lets get started!

the first DIY, is the room decor.

All you need is:

A mason jar, or any jar that you can paint.


And a black permanant marker

You then paint your jar any colour you want – btw pastel looks great- and than draw a super cute face on it or any thing else you want.

The next DIY is from underwater themed week. This was a super cool DIY, that you can put anywhere in the house! you will nedd

A small fishbowl

a candle


sea shells

First thing to do is put the candle in the middle of the small fishbowl. Next poor the sand all around the candle and put the seashells on top. Now you put it anywhere in the house and it still looks super cute!!

Thank you for reading this far, and once again i apologise for uploading this late! However i really hope you liked this and i will be uploading Rainbow Themed DIY tomorrow.

Also, whats your fav pet!?



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