Room Decorating Snacks!

Hello everybody, and to announce it formerly this weeks theme is room decor! Which we are super excited about.

So we thought, how can we link healthy eating to this theme. So the idea we came up with is about snacks we eat whilst we’re painting or DIYing something, because it may take a long time( or you’re just hungry .)

We would normally just take a packet of crisps up to our room. However, we could take the healthy route. And its not that hard. So we’re going to give you some ideas on how to do it!
Taking a bowl of fruit or veg , like strawberries, blueberries, raspberries or carrots, cucumber and tomatoes to the room which you are decorating is a simple mess free way of getting your five a day whilst you are doing something fun!

Another idea is to eat cashews or peanuts. Nuts are a great way of getting protien into your diet. And its vegetarian so if you don’t eat meat this is your way of eating it.

Sorry this has been a short blog post. But we hoped you enjoyed it.

Thanks for reading!


PS: What do you want to see in some random uploads on Wednesdays?

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