Someone else’s success is not your failure.

In the new Girl Online, Girl Online GOING SOLO, you will know all about this blog post without even reading it but I personally think that Leah Brown’s advice is actually really good. When I first read it, I thought to myself all about those times that that has happened to me.

By  that, I mean feeling down about yourself because you either spent ages making or doing something e.g. D&T, English or a piece of special homework, and then someone else apparently spends less time on it than you did, and gets a better grade. Annoying eh….

So if you haven’t read Girl online GOING SOLO, go read it, it is amazing. The main piece of advice that I took away when I finished reading it was that “someone else’s success is not your failure, someone is laying a path down which you can follow, if you want, but not building a wall that you can’t climb.”

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