Hello everybody and welcome to our blog. This blog is going to be about healthy lifestyle, organisation and DIYS to help you live your life more efficiently.

For healthy lifestyle we are going to be talking to you about what you can do to become healthier. For example we will give you tips and advice , answer any questions and give you recipes to healthy drinks snacks and meals. And much more!

We will also be talking to you about organisation. Lots of people struggle to grasp organisation. We aim to help them become more organised in a fun positive way. As well as this we want to give ideas to help the people who love to organise things as we know how hard it is to find good quality organisation ideas. These will be uploaded randomly if we feel like it because we find it hard to fit it into the theme.

Finally we will be showing you some amazing diys! for example, room decor, organisation,  back to school and much more! We will also make these diys achievable with things that you can get around the house!

Thank you for reading down this far. our upload days will be on Monday  ( Healthy eating )and Friday( DIY ), at around 5:00pm. These will be posted by both Rara and Gabby!

Thanks for reading!

Byeeeeee xx

Any theme ideas? What would you like to see?

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